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  • Passive Optic (GPON & Triple Play) Network design and delivery 

  • OSP project design (Fibre Optic Plant Design)

  • Telecommunications Civil Design including pathways, trench, OPGW, direct bury and temporary project design solutions

  • Back Haul network design

  • ICT / Telecommunications network infrastructure

  • CCTV systems

  • Access Control and monitoring

  • Public Address Systems (PAGA)

  • ICT Earthing System Design

  • LAN, campus & OSP Networks

  • Wireless Network Design, modelling and audits

  • Network Auditing and reporting services

  • Full in-house CAD Team (Design & As-built)



What is your current network architecture? What architecture do you require to deliver your digital strategy? No matter how advanced and well planned your network architecture is it will fail without a well-designed and managed infrastructure. The fibre optic back bone, telco and ISP architecture is the key to delivering resilient network connectivity and an enhanced user experience.


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