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edgeDC, designing and delivering data centre solutions.

About us and our goal:

edgeDC are enablers of digital strategy for many types of regions, environments and users. Avid consumers of digital disruption, edgeDC have a vision for building for what we will need, and not what has worked in the past. 


edgeDC are heavily involved in Australia’s smart city and digital strategy. The company is focused on usable and tangible technology that enhances business and lifestyle alike focusing in regional locations.

Currently edgeDC is deploying Smart Nodes for Smarter Cities and regions: edgeDC is deploying Smart Nodes and Data Centres in regional locations, specifically for enhanced regional connectivity and real time analytics. These nodes offers real time data analytics that isn't adversely latency affected.

With the ability to offer containerised and modular solutions, along with "bricks and mortar" sites, our goal is to create a network of connected regional sites throughout Queensland and Australia with the eventual goal of fully interconnected and redundant connectivity for regional Australia, enabling Smarter Cities and regions.


Want to know more?Contact edgeDC

A: 8 Petrie Terrace, Petrie Brisbane QLD 4000

P: 1300 788 207


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